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The Early Learning and Care Context for Dual Language Learners in California

Initial findings from the First 5 California-funded Dual Language Learner Pilot Study indicate that overall beliefs about bilingualism and policies in place to support dual language learners (DLLs) are shifting in a direction that promotes the development of young DLLs’ bilingualism. However, there are still systemic challenges that limit implementation of high-quality instruction for DLLs. This first research brief from the statewide study of the learning contexts, supports, and outcomes for California DLLs and their families summarizes the perspectives of county-level leaders on the context, challenges, and guidance for DLL caregivers in their counties, which in turn impact practices in the classroom. This brief also offers examples of successful practices to support DLLs in their communities and concludes with implications and next steps for the study. Read more here >>